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CTS sets new standards in the rubber modification of bitumen and asphalts. Our new developments guarantee easy handling, maximum performance and above-average durability.

  • CTS Bitumen GmbH, based in Buch am Erlbach, near Landshut, has been involved in the field of rubber modification of bitumen and asphalts since the mid-1980s.
  • As a technology leader, we focus on innovation. Most recently with the new development of the rubber-modified bitumen granulates CTS GRM. They are characterised by unproblematic handling during transport, storage and processing, coupled with above-average performance in every application.
  • The tried-and-tested method of bitumen modification with rubber as a raw material offers process-reliable binders from which asphalts can be produced easily and at a high level of quality for all stresses and climatic requirements.
  • In 2005, another milestone was set with the market launch of GRM by CTS (GRM stands for Granulate Rubber Modified). This new development guarantees performance on the road, problem-free application at the asphalt mixing plant and during paving, as well as clear economic and ecological advantages. The GRM by CTS 40/15 and 40/20 products have become widely used in a short time.
  • The next step is to expand production capacity. A step that became necessary due to the resounding success.
  • Our passion - we want to make a positive contribution to our environment and society.
  • Good is not enough for us, we strive for the best solutions. For decades, we have therefore also been the technology leader when it comes to rubber modification of road bitumen and asphalt.
  • The art lies in the recycling of rubber into highly resilient products with an above-average service life. The quality of the end product is determined by the qualified selection of (truck) scrap tyres and an effective processing method. A know-how process that is guaranteed by a high proportion of particularly age-stable polymers of natural rubber.
  • The demand on ourselves is to consistently deliver the highest product quality in order to be able to offer the longest possible service life. Because a longer service life has many advantages: fewer construction sites, less administrative work, less congestion, fewer accidents, fewer CO2 emissions and much less unproductive time.
  • The economic and ecological benefits, coupled with an improvement in the quality of life for many people who have to travel on our roads every day, are convincing more and more decision-makers with foresight. And that motivates us!
Otto Vogel

Otto Vogel Managing Director

Tannenring 1, D-84172 Buch am Erlbach
Telephone +49 (0)8709 92450
Fax + 49 (0)8709 924516

Elfriede Vogel

Elfriede Vogel Managing Director, Secretariat

Tannenring 1, 84172 Buch am Erlbach
Telephone +49 (0)8709 92450
Fax + 49 (0)8709 924516

Annette Dinkel

Annette Dinkel Secretariat

Tannenring 1, 84172 Buch am Erlbach
Telephone +49 (0)8709 92450
Fax + 49 (0)8709 924516

Lasse Antczak

Lasse Antczak Sales organization CTS
Sales Bavaria & Austria

Home Office:
D-80802 Munich
Mobile: +49 (0) 173 4689161

Rüdiger Guth

Rüdiger Guth Sales South-West Germany

Home Office:
D-41569 Rommerskirchen
Mobile : +49 (0) 151 20016171

Andrè Dietz

Andrè Dietz Sales North-East Germany

D-15344 Strausberg
Mobile: +49 152-58 52 44 83

Blaž Brečko

Blaž Brečko Vertrieb Slowenien, Kroatien
Sales Manager Slovenia, Croatia

Mobile +386/40/224437

Rolf Reiter

Rolf Reiter Applications technology

Tannenring 1, 84172 Buch am Erlbach
+49 175 7279948
+49 4101 8058557

Helmut Seebacher

Helmut Seebacher Production Plant Manager (Rubbertec Gummiverwertungs GmbH)

Werkstraße 5, A-8940 Liezen
Telephone +43 3612 21666


CTS Bitumen GmbH
Tannenring 1
84172 Buch am Erlbach

Telephone: +49 8709 92450
Fax: +49 8709 9245 16

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Werkstrasse 5, A-8940 Liezen

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CTS Blog

CTS, based in Buch am Erlbach, Bavaria (Germany), has been involved in the development and improvement of rubber-modified bitumen for road construction since 1985. Among other things, we developed porous asphalt into "Flüsterasphalt®". As one of the first market participants in the field of rubber modification, we claim to be the technology leader today. After many years of research and continuous development, CTS Bitumen was able to present an absolutely innovative new development: rubber-modified bitumen granulates. This achievement sets new standards and is characterised worldwide by unproblematic handling, transport and above-average performance.

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