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RUBBER MODIFIED BITUMEN GRANULATE = REVOLUTION Extremely process-safe, easy to transport, can be stored indefinitely, can be ordered in any quantity, ready for immediate use. RUBBER MODIFIED BITUMEN GRANULATE = REVOLUTION
CERTIFIED Safely fulfils all requirements of the valid regulations
TL RmB-StB, By
FOR THE SAKE OF THE ENVIRONMENT GRM by CTS has a positive eco-balance and has active and passive recyclability. FOR THE SAKE OF THE ENVIRONMENT
ASPHALT FOR ANY LOAD Thermal stability, elasticity, low-temperature flexibility and high cohesion ASPHALT FOR ANY LOAD
(ECONOMIC) BENEFIT Long service life due to significantly better ageing resistance. Cold flexibility. For example, high cohesion is ideal for long-lasting asphalt pavements in roundabouts. (ECONOMIC) BENEFIT
PUT TO THE ACID TEST 15 years of long-term experience and millions of m² installed show us - GRM by CTS is the future of asphalt. PUT TO THE ACID TEST

"We are technology leaders with a great deal of experience and set new benchmarks in asphalt pavements. We guarantee absolute top quality and effectiveness in every respect. Our products have been in use on Europe's roads for many decades. We are proud of that!"

Otto Vogel, CTS Managing Director


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CTS, based in Buch am Erlbach, Bavaria (Germany), has been involved in the development and improvement of rubber-modified bitumen for road construction since 1985. Among other things, we developed porous asphalt into "Flüsterasphalt®". As one of the first market participants in the field of rubber modification, we claim to be the technology leader today. After many years of research and continuous development, CTS Bitumen was able to present an absolutely innovative new development: rubber-modified bitumen granulates. This achievement sets new standards and is characterised worldwide by unproblematic handling, transport and above-average performance.

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