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Wet and dry processes, wet dosing, dry dosing? What is permitted, what do the regulations say? Why does the TL RmB St-B "work" so well? What other regulations are there? And are there possibly decisive differences in the regulations?

Questions upon questions. It's not that easy to keep track of everything. Here you will get the information you need to deal safely with the subject of "rubber modification of bitumen and asphalt". Information not only for the user, but also for the client.

On the occasion of the Asphalt Days 2018 in Willingen, a lecture download was given on rubber modification of bitumen and asphalt. As it was not possible to go into all the details exhaustively within the time available, a detailed article on this topic was published in the magazine "asphalt" 03/2018 Download Article (German language).

In the course of an event of the civil engineering managers of the Bavarian districts in Traunstein in September 2019, a detailed lecture was given on the TL RmB St-B By. Download lecture (German language); Download manuscript

In 2018, a meeting of the "Landesbetriebe Mobilität" took place at the German Road Museum in Germersheim. In a lecture, the mode of action of rubber modification was explained in detail using many practical examples. Download presentation (German language)

On the occasion of the 17th Colloquium of the Slovenian Asphalt Association in November 2019 in Bled, a presentation was given on the mode of action of GRM by CTS. Download presentation; Download manuscript

Again and again comparisons between PmB A, rubber modification and common road bitumen are made and requested. The following position paper serves as an answer: Properties of rubber-modified asphalts and bitumen according to TL RmB-StB, By in comparison to PmB A / Bitumen 50/70 Download Position Paper

Another position paper deals with an urgent problem of road construction authorities: Ageing of asphalt.  Download position paper "Anti-Aging

Another position paper deals with economic aspects of rubber modification. How economical is the use of GRM by CTS? Read more here: The cost brake for your asphalt

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